imagesAs many studies carried out in the UK have clearly shown, an education that stresses the fundamentals of synthetic phonics as opposed to analytic phonics greatly increases reading and spelling comprehension as well as word recognition amongst younger students.

Classroom-Kit-Plus-455x320In this current educational climate with our added emphasis on early literacy, Jolly Phonics stands at the forefront offering both fun and tangible results with its unique blend of learner friendly synthetic phonics. Electronic innovation enters the phonics fray with Jolly Phonics. Armed with an amusing oversized talking pen, learners embark on a multi-sensory instructive journey through reading and writing awareness. Through synthetic phonics letter sounds are learned, not just the alphabet, followed by letter formation and later blending.

Jolly-Phonics-Activity-Books-1-7The basic kit endeavors to supplement the innovative pen with flash cards, and a wide array of readers. Learners can work alone or in groups identifying sounds in words and spelling tricky words as well. In our age where young learners have ample easy access to tablets and other forms of electronic media, the talking pen is the perfect tool. A tactile way that with a simple touch, one can hear letter sounds, listen to songs, blend words and read a story.

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